My last little bit of travel before heading over to my uni in Swansea was a visit of London.  I stayed in the Kensington and Chelsea borough and found it to be quite nice.  My hotel was right by the Earl’s Court underground (i.e. Tube) station so I utilized that to do some exploring.  I did quite well other than a minor mishap at the London Bridge station, which locals have since confirmed is a confusing place, so I am quite proud of myself.  I also learned that UGGs scream tourist and I kept getting accosted by save the children groups and the British Red Cross.  Like Oslo I didn’t get to see everything that I wanted because of the limited hours, but I am a 5 quid(i.e. British Pound (that’s something like $9 USD)), 4 hour bus ride back.  I saw some of the big tourist things, some of which were not very impressing, but that may be on account of the time of year I went and the limited services available.  None-the-less below are some picture that I took of my various happenings (including some pics from in Westminster Abbey that I took before I was informed that there was to be no photography allowed).

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