Tintern Abbey

I am taking an Archeology of Wales class and for my mid-term project we were to write a brochure in a ruin in Wales. I decided to do Tintern Abbey and because it is so close to Swansea I traveled and took some of my own photos to use for my project. Monmouthshire is a gorgeous area and traveling along the Wye river was almost like being back at my own personal bank of the Monocacy. It was a surreal experience to wander in the shadows of the Abbey and the area is so serene. Despite the train catastrophes that I experience before and after my journey to the Abbey it was great to see it. It was almost whymiscal to sit in the Abbey’s shade and eat some freshly churned ice-cream at the little tea house that is adjacent to it. I definitely can see why Tennyson set his “Tears, Idle Tears” poem there. On a practical note I am finding that pre-planning is not always effective in Wales


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